Our Story

Beyond Wellness is housed in the old egg packing sheds of an 80 year old property on the banks of the spruit in Delta Park, Johannesburg. The city has grown all around this now urban farm which is owned by the REEA  charity, and is a quiet oasis of natural grassland, abundant birdlife alongside an agricultural section where fresh and tasty vegetables are tended and sold.

In this calming environment, with the sounds of the river flowing and birds calling, a small team of friendly people manufacture and pack the pure and natural Beyond Wellness Range of Healing Salts in the now familiar black pouches we see in leading retail outlets around our country. It’s a labour of love and the many compliments we receive are our finest gifts.

Mainly aimed as healing salts best enjoyed in a hot bath, and each product in the range  seeks to alleviate ailments or provide comfort in the face of various conditions, and to leave the user feeling measurably better in just 20 minutes.

So its no surprise the various offerings help to ensure Better Sleep, Less Stress, aid Recovery after Sport and exercise, and more in nine or ten more very specific soaks, each with gorgeous perfumes and properties. For winter, our Cold, Flu & Immunity Soak with Tea Tree Essential Oils and Eucalyptus scent eases aches and pains, boosts immunity and clears sinuses, whilst our Cellulite & Slimming formula with Grapefruit Essential Oils promises to tone and smooth the skin. Different formulas target Ageing, Menopause & Period Discomfort, Detoxing & Cleansing, and a CBD Chilling Salt.

So we invite you to explore our site, try our lovely formulas and perhaps at some stage visit us on our urban farm in the midst of the city of Joburg.

The Beyond Wellness Team.

Meet the Founder

Michael Hook would be horrified if people only associated him with “Bath Salts”….. The Beyond Wellness range is in fact a carefully and lovingly formulated collection of Healing Salts, each aimed at a particular condition or ailment which needs care and attention to improve our health and lifestyles.

Better Sleep, Less Stress, After Sports recovery, Anti Ageing, Menopause relief, Slimming and Toning and more are firm favourites and are on offer in the various Beyond Wellness collections. And each product is actually hand made and packed with care and attention to ensure customer satisfaction and provide a welcome and appreciated gift to ourselves or others.

Mike has been in the wellness industry for years and is best known as the Quit Smoking Guru and is the father of the Beyond Nicotine range of life improvement offerings.